RTG Asia releases new slots based on Jackie Chan films

The Chinese company released two new games based on the awarded actor.

Hong Kong.- Some critics have called Fantasy Mission Force “one the craziest films in existence” and another “the most insane film ever”, but put the emphasis on “fantasy” and settle in for a Saturday morning escape from the work week. Also known as “Dragon Attack,” RTG Asia has secured the rights use the 1983, now cult-classic, film in a new slot machine, aptly called “Fantasy Mission Force.”

This five-reel, twenty-line high volatility slots use elements from the film as royals and images from the film that reveal film clips when in a winning line. And with a random jackpot and frequent features, Fantasy Mission Force has a fun feel. And we love the beautiful Brigitte Lin toting the bazooka she blew up her own house with in the film… especially her Wonder Woman-esque boots.

Right on it’s heels, RTG Asia is also releasing “Eagle Shadow Fists”, a five reel, twenty-five line medium volatility game. In the 1973 film of the same name, Jackie joins a group of rebels trying to out the Japanese during their World War II occupation of the mainland. As with Fantasy Mission Force, when movie characters are on a winning line, a short clip from the appears in their space.

“IMDB calls Jackie Chan ‘Hong Kong’s cheeky, lovable and best known film star’” says Charlotte Tang, CEO of RTG Asia. “We try to capture that charming humor and class that crosses generations and national boundaries with these games. Fans of the films, and of the man, won’t be disappointed as we make our way through his extensive back catalogue of films.”

“RTG Asia is committed to developing and delivering exciting new games specifically for the Asian market. Reflecting the region’s passion for sports, RTG Asia is joining up with some of the world’s most popular teams and players, rolling out branded games to entice and delight the fans of those internationally recognized brands. Turning away from a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy, RTG Asia’s long term goal is to personalize the user experience by region, by country, by city and by person.

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