Romania follows UK trend

Credits: World Record Academy.

Romania is also drafting further bills to limit gambling publicity through legal platforms.

Romania.- As Europe is showing a tendency of reducing gambling advertisements during regular media transmissions and on internet platforms, further countries are showing interest in acquiring stricter rules. As Lexology news outlet revealed, Romania has already presented a project to legislate the gambling publicity industry.

Romania’s new proposal, named “Draft Law” will follow UK’s example on advertisements’ legislation. The amendment will be added to Law N° 148/2000 regarding advertising and Law N° 504/2002 on audio-visual communications, as the news outlet reported. As the project has not been completed yet, the Draft Law does not set comprehensive conditions to regulate the sector.

Although legislators have announced that the bill would propose two restrictions on gambling publicity: “(1) advertising of gambling activities will be permitted only within the premises where gambling activities are organised and in gambling-specialised publications; and (2) audio-visual commercial communications regarding gambling activities will be prohibited.”

A potential law has been planned since last year, when the Romanian National Liberal Party demanded the prohibition of “audiovisual commercial communications related to games of chance.” The government has now committed to approving a legislation in regard to gambling control this year. Meanwhile, online gambling platforms keep growing in the Romanian market, as officials are discussing further laws to regulate the legal operations. During the upcoming sessions, the Parliament will hold several debates on the issue.