Robot dealers at Macau’s casinos

Real dealers my be outdated
Real dealers my be outdated

The manufacturer is talking to potential overseas buyers, but the cost of the robots is still unknown

Macau.- At last month’s gaming show in Macau the debut of “Min,” the brunette human-like robot, generated much buzz among attendees. The friendly faced robot is a prototype of a human-like electronic croupier, that can deal cards, and in the future it will be able to recognising customers’ faces and also speak to them, changing the card-dealing business.

According to Paradise Entertainment, the Hong Kong-based gaming machine manufacturer, “Min” could cut labour costs and also open up new markets for casino operators. “We are the first gambling equipment manufacturer in the world that produces the human-like robotic dealer,” said Chairman Jay Chun.

The robots will initially disembark in the US, where real dealers are banned in some states. In the past few years, the use of automated table games is growing among North American industry and Min’s clones could be viewed as virtual dealers by many states regulators.