Rhode Island legalises sports betting

The governor signed the bill that allows people to place bets on sports events and gives the state a generous share of the revenue.

US.- Gina Raimondo, governor of Rhode Island, signed the budget for fiscal 2019 on Friday which legalises sports betting and gives the state 51 per cent of the revenue from the wagers. People will be able to start placing bets on sports events starting October 1st.

The US$9.6 billion budget includes US$23.5 million of revenue that is expected to come from sports betting. The number could change in future budgets if the gambling modality finds success in Rhode Island – and considering that the fiscal year starts on July 1st, three months before people can actually start placing bets.

However, bets on sports can only be placed at local casinos, as Rhode Island does not plan to take them online. This could be a disadvantage compared to neighbouring states Massachusetts and Connecticut as both are planning to go online.

Paul Grimaldi, spokesman for the state’s Department of Revenue, said: “We wanted to start small and make sure we have the operational system down pat in the casinos before we explore online or mobile.” His department manages the Rhode Island Lottery, which will be in charge of operating sports betting in the state.

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