RGA calls for new levy

rga levy

Credits: democratlive.com

The RGA has urged the government to set a new statutory levy in order to replace the voluntary funding system.

UK.- The voluntary funding system that benefits research, education, and treatment of problem gambling could soon be replaced by a statutory levy, which was just proposed by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA).

The RGA is urging the government to change the system since it’s “no longer fit for purpose” and suggested to introduct a statutory levy, a measure which previously “didn’t oppose” and now fully promotes. They suggested that the current system may be the cause that led the DCMS to question the future of said funding in its Consultation on proposals for changes to Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures.

Despite calling the voluntary system “outdated”, the RGA proposed to give full credit to those companies that have contributed to fund different areas and highlight their key role in specialist treatment services development in Great Britain.

“There has been much to commend in the voluntary funding system, but if we are to combat problem gambling to the best of our ability and to minimise gambling related harm, then now is the time for change and for a fresh start,” RGA’s Chief Executive Clive Hawkswood said.

He also voiced their “disappointment” on the criticism on the current system and added: “We have acknowledged the problem and put forward a long-term solution. We believe everyone’s efforts should now be focussed on bringing this change about. For the industry this should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. More funding is needed if we are to fulfil our responsibilities to everyone in this country who gambles, and especially those who are affected by problem gambling. A statutory levy will ensure the right funds are raised in a fair and open process and, crucially, that they are allocated in a way that is transparent, independent, and achieves measurable benefits.”