Recent updates from the upcoming Prague Gaming Summit 2017

Prague Gaming Summit 2017 will be held between June 8-9 at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague.
Prague Gaming Summit 2017 will be held between June 8-9 at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague.

The organisers of Prague Gaming Summit published a new press release about the new developments of the upcoming inaugural event.

Czech Republic.- EEGEvents is planning to improve the experience delegates receive during seminar type events, thus will soon reveal some of the unique networking opportunities they are planning for the event.

As you may know, the seminar type conference will take place between June 8-9 at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague and promises to bring together regulators, operators, affiliates and software providers in order to discuss the options of the newly regulated online gambling market of the Czech Republic.

Beside the careful examination of the current legal framework’s positive and negative aspect, the organizers have set the agenda to also target the Scandinavian and Baltic regions.

The first edition of the yearly Summit will also give way for the delegates to network with regulators, gaming experts, operators, software providers and investors.

Panel: The Benefits of the European Gambling Laws (8th of June – 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM – Prague Local Time)

Dr. Joerg Hofmann, Head of the Betting and Gaming Group of Melchers Law Firm in Germany, will join as speaker for “The Benefits of the European Gambling Laws” panel. He is the Immediate Past President of the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL), the pre-eminent global gambling law networking and educational organisation. He has been consistently ranked as a “Leading Individual” in Gaming & Gambling by Chambers Global since 2011 and is the only German Lawyer listed among “Germany’s Best Lawyers” in the category “Gaming Law” by Handelsblatt and BestLawyers since 2014. Joerg is based in Heidelberg/Germany. He frequently publishes articles in international expert’s magazines and periodicals and speaks regularly on international gaming law conferences around the world.

Prague Gaming Summit organizers love Bitcoin: you can now pay for your tickets using Bitcoin

The most epic financial transaction of this century (at least until now), took place on May 22, 2010. Wall Street or the City of London was not the location where it happened. It was carried out in the city of Jacksonville, Florida and had nothing to do with secured debt obligations or stocks.

Every year, on the 22nd of May, bitcoiners from around the world celebrate the anniversary of the most expensive pizzas in history.

Bought on 22nd May 2010 by Laszlo Hanyecz, the programmer paid a fellow Bitcoin Talk forum user 10,000 BTC for two Papa John’s pizzas. Back then – when the technology was just over a year old – that equated to roughly $25, but is $5.12m by today’s exchange rate.

However, the most surprising part of this transaction was that the 18 y.o. pizza salesman Jeremy Sterdivant received compensation – 10 thousand units of newborn money, without any taxes or fees. Buying these pizzas “Pepperoni” was the first bitcoin transaction.

How will you celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day? Why not head to your local joint and raise a slice to Laszlo Hanyecz, whose late-night escapade changed bitcoin forever or just start early and order your ticket(s) for Prague Gaming Summit and pay using your favorite Bitcoin wallet.

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