Randall Lacayo, Uplatform: “LatAm differs from other regions due to the wide variety of sports that customers seek”

Randall Lacayo, sales manager at Uplatform.
Randall Lacayo, sales manager at Uplatform.

Randall Lacayo sales manager at Uplatform, shares his vision regarding the LatAm market and his expectations about the upcoming SiGMA Americas.

Exclusive interview.- The Latin American gaming market is in a process of expansion that is evident in countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Peru, but also in Chile and Brazil where interesting debates about gaming regulation are taking place.

To discuss these issues and the upcoming SiGMA Americas, Focus Gaming News spoke to Randall Lacayo, sales manager at Uplatform.

Can you tell us a little bit about Uplatform and your role in the iGaming and sports betting industry in Latin America?

Uplatform is a company that provides comprehensive solutions for every need in the iGaming sector. Our role in the Latin American market is to make the best available platform available to operators, thus making them achieve their goals with tools that improve their experience.

What are the biggest challenges operators face when it comes to operating in the Latin American market?

The biggest challenge that Latin American operators face is to offer a fresh and high-quality product with which their players feel identified. Many companies offer platforms that do not meet the minimum requirements, which causes their players to lose interest in betting on certain sites.

“The biggest challenge that Latin American operators face is to offer a fresh and high quality product with which their players feel identified.”

Randall Lacayo, sales manager at Uplatform.

Brazil regulation is a hot topic at the moment; how do you think it will change the iGaming landscape in the region?

Undoubtedly, Brazil is a special case due to its size and importance. With the largest economy in Latin America, its leadership could transform how other countries view their legislation and determine how to regulate the iGaming industry.

How do you plan to differentiate Uplatform from other companies in the igaming and sports betting industry at Sigma Americas 2023? What can attendees expect from your team?

Uplatform stands out among the other companies participating in SiGMA Americas 2023. With a vast offer in sports and its markets, esports, and casino, it is difficult to find another platform that offers so many advantages to the final customer, the bettor. Those attending the fair will be able to appreciate a lot of professionalism and knowledge about what the operator needs when deciding and choosing the best iGaming platform.

Betting on sports is for sure the main betting activity in the region. How will you define the main peculiarities of betting behaviour in the region? Does it differ from other regions and how does it influence your product development?

Latin America as a whole is a very different and mixed region. With the influence of European and American sports on the taste of its bettors, it differs from other regions due to the wide variety of sports that customers seek. This variety concept influenced Uplatform to create an environment that offers all disciplines with respective markets to consumers of sports as varied as baseball, basketball, and, of course, soccer. Uplatform offers a solution for every need.

What can the Uplatform sportsbook offer to the growing Brazilian market? What markets do you see as providing the biggest opportunities?

Uplatform can offer the Brazilian market a powerful tool that meets the needs of bettors in any sports discipline they prefer. It is worth noting the great variety of soccer offered by the platform, a favourite product among bettors in Brazil. In addition to this, Uplatform looks to the present and provides robust solutions to esports players, a segment that is growing day by day among the younger populations, and classic solutions for casino players with a wide variety of online games that allow reaching all strata of the population that like to gamble.

What are some of the key trends you’re seeing in the iGaming and sports betting industry in Latin America, and how is Uplatform adapting to them?

The trends among bettors in Latin America are very diverse but constant. Now bettors are not only looking for the odds of the main matches but also proposals that are attractive and original. Another main trend within sports bettors is live betting, also with many options for customers to explore and choose the bet that most appeals to them. Regarding casino issues, the preference of players for slot machines and live casinos is notable, and for the new generations, Esports is a necessity. Uplatform has launched the All in One concept, which, as indicated, covers all the needs of all types of bettors in a single place; With this, there is no need to visit several sites; everything is available and at the bettor’s hand.

What advice would you give to companies looking to enter the Latin American iGaming and sports betting market?

I advise companies looking to enter the Latin American market to do so only if they have a solution for every need. At other times, the Latin American bettors were satisfied with having lines in the main games of the day. Today that has changed, and now they seek to bet on each market that can be offered and spend time betting in the casino while waiting for their preferred match. If the platforms do not have all these variants, it is better not to try to enter the LatAm market since the attempt will most likely fail.

What other industry events does the company plan to attend this year?

Firstly, we are excited to be attending this upcoming SiGMA Americas. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with industry leaders and showcase our products and services in Latam. Next up, we have iGB Live, which is scheduled for July 2023. This event is known for its vibrant atmosphere and networking opportunities, and we are looking forward to establishing valuable connections and exploring potential partnerships.

Shortly after, we will be attending SIGMA Asia. It’s a great platform for us to gain insights into emerging trends in Asia and engage in meaningful discussions.

As we move closer to the end of the year, we have the SBC Summit on September 2023 marked on our calendar. Last but not least, we have SIGMA Europe. 

Attending these industry events is an essential part of our business strategy, as they enable us to showcase our offerings, stay up to date with industry trends, and establish valuable connections with industry peers and potential customers. We are excited about the opportunities these events will bring for our company and look forward to making the most out of them.

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