Ramada urges government’s response

The Indian Hotel Ramada seeks the approval of legal poker operations.

The government has received two formal petitions to grant the poker license.

India.- After introducing two formal petitions to allow legal poker activities in Hotel Ramada in Gujarat, Justice C. L. Soni has apparently been contacted by a municipal commissioner, an Anandnagar police inspector, state government and a city police commissioner in order to give an answer.

The highly renowned hotel in the Indian State expects the final resolution by January 12, when the government will decide whether poker operations are regulated in the territory following the legalisation in Nagaland, Sikkim, West Bengal, Karnataka states.

Among with the Indian Poker Association, the Hotel Ramada is lobbying to regulate poker tournaments by considering it as game of skill and not purely dependent on luck. The upcoming regulation would be based on a US court resolution on the issue that established poker is not gambling.

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