Quezon City Council approves casino levy

quezon casino levy
The Council aims to improve measures around gambling operations. Credits: casino-bled.si

The Quezon City Council has approved an ordinance that establishes that locals must pay a casino entry levy.

Philippines.- Local citizens of Quezon will now be required to pay a €25 entry levy per 24 hour period spent in a casino. This ordinance was passed by the Quezon City Council on Monday, in an attempt to improve measures around gambling operations.

According to a statement from the public affairs department of the Quezon City Council, the initiative aims to further strengthen the campaign for the prevention of gambling problems. The Quezon City Gambling Regulatory Ordinance requires residents who want to play in gambling establishments within the city to pay €25 for casinos, €8,5 for eGames and €1,5 for eBingos for every consecutive period of 24 hours. 

Moreover, “residents can also pay a €310 fee if the gambling establishment offers an annual membership,” reads the statement, according to BusinessWorld.

Furthermore, the Council said that the Gambling Regulatory Advisory Council will be in charge of evaluating local operations and manage the implementation of the ordinance along with the assistance of the Quezon City Police District and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (PAGCOR).

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