Possible legal sports betting soon

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Credits: valentinbosioc.com

Donald Trump’s government could soon repeal the current ban on the sports betting industry.

US.- The gaming market in the United States expects a soon resolution on the sports betting federal ban, which could be repealed during President Donald Trump’s first term. The possibility of a federal approval was published yesterday by FOX Business, although the effectiveness could take some years. The article also highlighted the president’s support on legal gaming industry.

“This is really happening. There is tremendous demand and tremendous need for a regulated sports betting market,” Geoff Freeman is President and CEO of the American Gaming Association (AGA) told FOX Business. “I think we’re closer than at any point in the past several decades to making that a reality. With that said, there’s a process here. We’re committed to that process, which means working with the leagues and other interested parties to ensure alignment on all the key issues.”

The American Gaming Association could be required to broaden information about legal industry and expected profits for the United States during the legislative process at federal level. The national organisation suggested that US$150 billion are lost per year due to illegal sports betting services, which are not contributing with state’s funds. “The fact of the matter is, people can gamble even on sports wherever they want to, we know that. It’s a fact that we all live with,” commented Silver and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to FOX. If the ban gets repealed, those operations will still be active although companies will have to pay the proper taxes.

“Our goal here is to make sure the gaming industry, the regulatory community, the leagues – all those that need to be on the same page are on the same page before we go to Capitol Hill. I think that’s the straightest path to victory here, and we’re well down that road,” added Geoff Freeman to FOX Business. “In any industry, when you bring an idea to Washington that’s not fully baked, you make it very easy for legislators to do nothing.”