PokerStars reduces services in Belgium

The biggest online poker operator cut off the €0.01 and €0.02 stakes games for Belgian site.

Belgium.- PokerStars decided to remove the micro-stales games for Belgian version of the site, dot-be domain following local online poker regulation. The most famous real-money online poker website removed all $0.01/$0.02 games across the board for Belgian players.

Analysts believe that the company made that move in Belgium to enhance some of the recent promotions they have offered including the Card Hunt and the Pyramid Challenges where the minimum stake to be able to participate with €0.05 to €0.10 games. Poker players are suspecting that these kinds of changes would be applied in other domains or in the entire dot-com player pool.

However, affiliates feel that the removal of lowest stakes game could be a rake grab on the part of PokerStars since the games removed feature a 3.35 percent rake with a maximum of €0.30. The next highest stakes of €0.02 to €0.04 rake at 4.15 percent with a maximum of €1. Latest PokerStars decision in Belgium reflects the opposite trend aimed at until now. The brand had been trying to install a more friendly environment site to recreational players in hopes of improving the ecosystem.

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