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Plans to privatise Holland Casino postponed

The plans to privatise the company have been postponed to 2020. Credits: casinoalto.com

The subject was supposed to be debated this week but a minister cancelled the vote.

Netherlands.- Plans to privatise state-owned Holland Casino will be postponed to 2020 as the justice minister Sander Dekker cancelled the vote due to the number of objections that the measure suffered in the Senate.

The Financieele Dagblad said that senators’ concerns revolve around the fact that privatized casinos may encourage gambling and are worried about the way that the government was planning to procceed with the privatization process, Dutch News informed.

The original plan included the selling of 10 of the 14 branches under the Holland Casino name, while the other four locations would be sold as a group. The cabinet from the Netherlands is also considering opening up the casino market to new providers and offer two licences.

Justice minister Dekker has until June to come up with a new proposal, present it to the senate and gain backing. “We may adapt the law, withdraw it altogether or go for a vote after all,” Dekker said in a note to senators.

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