Plans for a new casino in Chelmsford

A new casino in the British city could create more than 100 jobs.

UK.- The £50 million project would turn the east side grandstand of the Chelmsford racecourse into a casino, making it one of the few gambling across the county. If it gets approved, the project would triple the number of visitors the track can house under cover.

Betfred, a majority stakeholder at the racecourse, said that this is an exciting project that will create more than 100 jobs. “It’s a substantial investment in the race track, providing undercover facilities that many race goers demand. We hope the plans are given the go-ahead and we can bring a higher standard of races to Chelmsford,” he added.

Despite having support from multiple sectors, the possible project raised concerns among people from a gambling charity: “I believe there is nothing wrong with gambling if you do it responsibly, but it’s a numbers game. The more time people spend gambling the more chance there is in developing a problem,” said Ian Semel, founder of Breakeven, a gambling counseling service and ex-gambling addict.

On the other hand, councillor responsible for planning and economic development Neil Gulliver said that he welcomes any development that creates employment in Chelmsford. He added that to keep up with the growing population they need to create at least 700 jobs a year, and that the casino development will be a popular addition to the employment and leisure scene in the city. “I think casinos are part of most major cities today and it is important to have a choice.”