Philippines to set online gaming venues

The industry’s regulator in the Philippines will give online gaming licences lasting five years to those operators setting venues in the country.

Philippines.- “POGO is legal and is here to stay,” Philippine regulator chairwoman Andrea Domingo said. The segment is building up strength in the country and the authorities in the Philippines have outlined the rules.

Offshore online gaming operators (POGO) will get longer-lasting licences setting hubs in the country than those that don’t. The first group will get five-year gaming licenses, two years longer than the others.

Companies are developing online casino centres north and south of Manila to take advantage of such rules. 

Oriental Group is one of those offshore companies in the Philippines developing online gaming hubs. It’s building one in Cavite City in the south and another one in Clark City, in the north. The Cavite one is getting a €138.7 million investment and will get 20,000 workers. The other one will employ a further 5,000.

“Given social tensions, we wanted to put everyone in one place,” Oriental General Manager Kevin Wong said on creating hubs.

“I hope we don’t overtax them so we don’t lose the good that comes with the POGO boom,” Domingo said.

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