Philippines president to reconsider casinos

The Philippines has targeted casinos and banned new entries, but President Rodrigo Duterte might reconsider lifting the prohibition.

Philippines.- The Philippine government seems to have opened up to casinos after a short struggle. President Duterte is open to lifting the ban on the entry of new venues in the country.

This week, Duterte asked Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR) chairperson Andrea Domingo to encourage more gaming. He did so during his fourth State of the Nation Address.

“That would be the logical consequence of what he said,” spokesperson Salvador Panelo said on the ending of the ban.

Duterte has eased up on gambling

President Rodrigo Duterte led a campaign against gambling in the Philippines but seems to have given up. During a recent event, he claimed to be “lacking” and just urged people to avoid the segment.

“That gambling-gambling, I will not meddle with it anymore, just do not enter. I cannot control it, really…,” Philippines media outlet Manila Times quoted him saying at a PDP-Laban’s miting de avance in Pasig City.

Regarding illegal gambling, he said: “That will be up to you. I am not trying to encourage you… I cannot stop it anyway and I know I am lacking.”

Duterte’s spokesman Salvador S. Panelo said: “Until such time as he makes a formal statement on the matter, I think whatever his former position was, subsists.”

Panelo’s comments were triggered by a Bloomberg interview with Ms Domingo, who stated the moratorium should be partially lifted to get the gaming segment to continue thriving and get benefits for the country. She had stated that she hoped to meet with Duterte to discuss it, but no further news has been revealed yet.

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