PGS to celebrate a special edition

The Peru Gaming Show (PGS), the event for LATAM, is celebrating this year its 15th anniversary in the capital city, Lima, from June 21-22.

Peru.- The Peru Gaming Show (PGS) organisers announced a special plan for this year’s edition as the gaming event for the Latin American market is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The PGS will be held in the capital city, Lima, from June 21-22, at the Jockey Exposition Center. With further developments and special features, this year’s PGS is considered as “The Best Show Yet, PGS 2017”.

Once again, as it has been for the last 15 years, it is almost time again for the Peru Gaming Show.  The event provides Peru with exposure to the world’s gaming industry. Over the last several years, the show has grown and gained respectability throughout the gaming industry. The development of the local industry has been boosted by the tremendous economic growth Peru has had and the exceptional job of regulating the industry that MINCETUR and its management have done for a large contribution to our success.

The feedback from the market in general indicates that PGS has become the prominent gaming exposition in the Latin American Region. Peru’s geographic position the market makes the event a central hub, where visitors can enjoy local renowned gastronomy, the tremendous points of tourism they have to offer and the more than 700 slot rooms and casinos in the region. The offerings make this a very attractive market for the gaming industry suppliers.

However, the only reason for suppliers to attend the show is if they have a large audience and the opportunity to present their product to potential customers. For that reason, AMG’s initial commitment to this show is being “A SHOW FOR PERU”. The company knows that suppliers can reach their customers easily in the local market but reaching operators scattered throughout the country is a much harder task. Its goal has always been to make it easier for the operators and their employees to see the latest industry innovations by traveling internally in Peru rather than having to spend the time and money necessary to obtain Visa’s and passports and having to travel to faraway places like Las Vegas, London or even Miami. AMG intends to do their best to insure the largest possible attendance of operators to the show this year surpassing last year’s numbers.

In celebration of our 15th year, AMG is working hard to ensure the now traditional and famous opening night party is even better than before. We strive to not only be a tremendous place for operators and suppliers to do business, but also to make it as much fun as possible at the same time.