People below 21 banned from Goa casinos

The state home ministry is drafting the rules that will regulate the prohibition.

India.- People below 21 years of age will not be allowed to entering gambling facilities in Goa, as per a draft the state home ministry is currently preparing on the matter. Once the measure is in force, any person entering a casino would be asked to present a document to certify his age is above 21 years.

Sanjiv Gadkar, additional secretary of the ministry explained: “The draft rules were sent to the law department for vetting and seeking its opinion. We have received the file back. Some minor changes are needed to be done and we will be notifying the rules by the coming financial year.”

The draft demands the appointment of a Gaming Commissioner who would be the regulating authority for casinos and would have to be placed for clearance before the state Cabinet. The ruling BJP is reflecting the results of 2012’s Goa Assembly polls and it had promised the entry of people below 21 into casinos shall be banned.