Paf to slash mandatory loss limits again

The regional government-owned operator has made responsible gambling a priority.
The regional government-owned operator has made responsible gambling a priority.

The Nordic gaming operator will reduce its loss limits by as much as 82 per cent in the early summer.

Finland.- The Aland Islands-based gaming operator Paf has announced that it will slash its annual mandatory loss limit for players aged over 24 from €20,000 to €17,500. Meanwhile, the limit for players aged 18 and 19 will be reduced by 82 per cent from €10,000 to €1,800 per year.  

Players aged 20-24 will retain the current loss limit of €10,000, which was announced in October. Prior to that change the limit had been the same as for those aged over 24.

The new loss limits will apply to all online games from early summer. The company expects the change to cost it €7m a year in reduced revenue. Paf, which is owned by the Aland Islands’ regional government, has made responsible gambling a major focus and has previously called for a ban on gambling advertising in Sweden, where it operates. 

Chief executive Christer Fahlstedt said the new loss limits are its biggest investment in responsible gaming yet. He said the operator will continue to focus on responsible gaming and to urge other operators to follow its lead.  

He said: “We are adjusting a number of different limits and the overall impact of our measures will make a noticeable difference in our numbers and customer segments. We have an opportunity to take another step and improve our commitment to responsible gaming. We want to do it because it’s the right thing to do if we are to continue our journey to become a sustainable entertainment company.”

Daniela Johansson, deputy chief executive and chief responsibility officer at Paf, added: “The change further strengthens our RG-focus on young people, which is good because it is in line with the research on gambling problems that says young adults are an extra vulnerable group when it comes to gambling.”

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