Ortiz Gaming reinvents Video Bingo

This week Ortiz Gaming is showcasing its video bingo products at booth #4444 at G2E.

US.- Ortiz Gaming is presenting the revolution of electronic bingo during the Global Gaming Expo 2016 in Las Vegas. The most recent modernisation of the game is highlighting once again the target of the company to bring the gaming industry never-before seen offerings.

Ortiz Gaming is very proud to say that the company has reinvented Electronic Bingo. Brand’s Electronic Bingo will maintain its classic look in 4/3 format, keeping the bingo cards in the center of the screen, where the emotion of the game is, but allthe  other elements of the game were moved to the side of the screen. With no “stretched” elements, simply redesigned screens, and re-positioned elements. It’s a simple idea, but totally revolutionary. Like all great ideas, adding something very simple can really change everything.

The idea is keeping an eye-player comfort feeling where it is really needed. The player’s attention can focus on the bingo cards and the drawing of the balls. Growth in the size of monitors ceases to be a big problem and has now become the solution. Following this revolution trend, Ortiz Gaming is introducing larger monitors, bringing to market a 42” 4K resolution display, which will allow a number of improvements such as bonuses and other additional innovations, never seen in the video bingo world.

The creation of new industry standards is in the company’s DNA; it has been the basis of its business since its inception, more than two decades ago. Ortiz Gaming analyses trends and creating innovations that appeal to players. This is just the beginning of a new electronic bingo stage. With this simple, but revolutionary idea, Ortiz Gaming has opened a new chapter in the history of video bingo evolution around the world.