Operators to enhance horserace betting tech


Credits: fanpop.com

UK horserace betting operators are set to introduce in-play wagering with GPS technology to their current offer.

UK.- British media has advanced that online bookmakers are soon to release in-play horserace betting using GPS technology. In the next few weeks, a leading company is set to debut its new product, just before the rest of the competition.

GPS-based betting technology is able to identify the exact position of each horse on the course with an average accuracy of within 10 centimeters and deliver the information in less than 0.1 seconds. New technology will also provide post-race data in order to enhance the data available for punters prior to future races.

According to Will Duff Gordon, CEO of Total Performance Data, UK racing’s annual turnover will rise by a billion pounds from the £5.64 billion it generated last year. He also advanced it could mean an extra 10 percent revenue for race betting operators.

The technologic update is set to boost the industry’s performance. However, Racing Australia wasn’t so willing to favour this type of tool as CEO Peter McGaurung urged politicians to ban all in-play betting, arguing it could harm the integrity of sports and racing. Nonetheless, UK will soon introduce the new GPS features and horserace betting is set to continue to evolve.

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