Online lottery under NJ’s evaluation

The recently approved lottery bill could enable third parties to operate the industry.

US.- As New Jersey has been allowing the purchase of lottery tickets through internet services for the past two weeks, under the control of a recently approved gaming bill, State’s officials and companies are assessing the legislation that could seemingly enable third parties to operate the sector.

New Jersey’s legislators approved last December the new lottery project that legalises the online selling of tickets under “courier service.” Governor Chris Christie made it effective on mid-February by turning it into law with his signature. The lottery sector is managed by Malta-based Lotter Enterprises along with its subsidiary Locallotto Inc.

Now, after a highly visited article in local newspaper Press of Atlantic City, the gaming industry is wondering whether the legislation is allowing companies to participate in online lottery’s operations.

As the media highlights, the new law expresses: “In accordance with the rules and regulation promulgated by the commission, the courier service shall be permitted to redeem a lottery ticket on behalf of a customer utilising the service in a manner that is secure for that customer and transparent to the public.”

The experts believe that the lottery legislation would not only be providing a “courier service” for the sector’s operating company, but also legalising the general lottery ticket selling on internet platforms.