Online lottery legislation to be pushed

The movement to legalise an online lottery in Massachusetts will likely be pushed to 2018, as the Senate president said.

US.- Senate President Stan Rosenberg said that the attempt to legalise an online lottery in Massachusetts is likely to fail this year. Next year’s fate depends on whether the modality would harm small businesses or not.

Earlier this week it was announced on a new survey conducted by the coalition against the online lottery, Save Our Neighborhood Coalition, that at least 80 percent of the people who answered the questions are opposed to expanding the lottery to the online world. Whilst the number of people surveyed wasn’t revealed, the coalition claims that 90 percent of the people are also not in favor of paying online lottery games with credit cards or electronic payments, revealed News 22. Other concerns include an over saturation of gambling in the state, as they believe that with traditional lottery tickets an upcoming casinos are growing at a fast pace and uncontrollably.

“Online lottery and online gaming are both issues that are being reviewed now to try to figure out how we manage the situation so we don’t hurt the Lottery. And in the case of online gaming that we don’t hurt the casino industry we’re building in Massachusetts,” said Rosenberg to the Boston Herald Radio, and confirmed that those topics are expected to be completed this year so they can potentially act on it in 2018.