Online casino activities increase in Spain

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Credits: VPNCompare

The online gaming sector is now the leader of the market when it comes to money wagered during the second quarter of the year.

Spain.- The Dirección General de Ordenacion del Juego (DGOJ), local gaming regulator, announced that for the first time since the iGaming sector was legalised in the country, the activity leads the money wagered sector because of the second quarter results.

As DGOJ said, casino games totaled 44.8 percent of total bets, whilst 42.9 percent represents sports betting, both in the online world, Innovative Gaming said. Even though the difference is almost insignificant, it is the first time that sports betting is in second place since it started leading the market five years ago. As the news outlet reported, slots were the game that boosted the sector, as they were launched in mid 2015 and have been improving results ever since.

Last month, it was announced that Spain published the complete information on European agreement of shared online poker liquidity. The country has addressed the joint regulation to allow a shared liquidity for the French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish poker market. The DGOJ has opened the public information process before totally approving the resolution: the process will end on October 1. The public contribution will be destined to DGOJ authorities through the official online platform and through any means approved by the Law 39/2015, October 1 “Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations.”

The resolution would allow Spanish players to participate in the shared online poker liquidity. Authorised operators could apply to the project in order to set further strategies to develop the industry. Once operators enter the online poker shared liquidity project, gaming regulators would investigate the companies’ businesses and later approve or reject the petition. The international settlement was signed earlier this month by authorities from France, Portugal, Spain and Italy