Online betting sites keep operating in Albania

A number of sites are still operational despite a recent ban. Credits:

The sites are still up and running despite a recent regulation that prohibits companies from operating in the country.

Albania.- 2019 started with several countries debuting their new regulations for the gambling industry. Albania was one of the territories where new laws have come into effect, but despite the recent ban on online gambling sites, there are a number of sites that are still up and running.

Top Channel has released a study that shows that major websites that offer gambling services are already banned in the country if people log in from smartphones, but not when they do it from laptops or desktop.

Last Thursday, local police criminally prosecuted two owners who kept offering their services in Albania. While Albanian websites are closed, experts have revealed that blocking foreign ones is almost impossible.

The government decided in November 2018 to close all betting shops, casinos and ban sports betting in the country. The Albanian parliament passed the law that bans sports betting and other forms of gambling, including the online sector, and set January 1 as the official date for the laws to come into effect.

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