Olga Bogdanova, 1spin4win: “Since 2021, 1spin4win developed 100+ captivating online slots”

Olga Bogdanova, art director at 1spin4win.
Olga Bogdanova, art director at 1spin4win.

The art director at 1spin4win discusses the company´s key achievements over the past three years, recent rebranding efforts, future plans, among other topics.

Exclusive Interview.- In May, 1spin4win reaches a significant milestone, celebrating its third year since inception. To commemorate this occasion, Focus Gaming News interviewed Olga Bogdanova, art director at 1spin4win, who delved into the studio’s journey, discussing pivotal achievements attained over the course of three years, the recent rebranding initiatives, forthcoming plans, and more.

In May, 1spin4win celebrates its 3rd anniversary. How has the studio evolved during this time?

Three years of development demonstrate our team’s professional growth. We dive deeper into the industry, expand our market reach, and understand our competitive advantages. Additionally, we identify areas for improvement to further enhance the growth of 1spin4win and the products we produce.

What are the team’s most significant achievements over the past 3 years?

Excellent question! Since our studio’s launch in 2021, we’ve developed over 100 slots, which we see as a strong measure of our productivity. It’s not just about numbers; it’s part of our strategy to boost our performance, expand our market presence, improve the quality of our slots, cater more effectively to our players, and, of course, our partner base, which now exceeds 400 clients.

Your company recently underwent a rebranding. Could you tell us why you decided to do this? What philosophy does it reflect for the studio?

Our rebranding marks a significant step in the evolution of our marketing direction. As our game portfolio grew and the need for promotion intensified, we found ourselves lacking visibility in the media space. We realized that little was known about us, and we were missing something crucial — the trust of our future partners and players.

Hence, our new rebranding showcases who we are: a provider with a clear stance on the products we create and a defined niche in the industry. Our values revolve around sensible minimalism, shedding excess, and adhering to classic slot production canons. 1spin4win’s new look was influenced by the Art Deco style, popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco represents refined classics, which is how we describe our games as well. Stylistically, we aimed to express this in our updated logo, corporate colours, and our new website, where you can find more information about us.

“Our rebranding marks a significant step in the evolution of our marketing direction. As our game portfolio grew and the need for promotion intensified, we found ourselves lacking visibility in the media space.”

Olga Bogdanova, art director at 1spin4win.

The team releases three new games every month, which requires a constant flow of ideas. How do you find inspiration and avoid creative block?

Creative block isn’t something we struggle with. We’re still at the beginning of our journey and are greatly inspired by our successes: a 238% annual growth in bet volume and player numbers. This drives us to release several games each month across various themes. Additionally, new markets allow us to expand our creative horizons. We’re currently entering the LatAm market, which offers fascinating insights that we can incorporate into new products. We dive deep into analytics, draw inspiration from global culture, bring these ideas into our creative lab, and collaboratively develop new competitive products. It’s definitely an exciting and captivating process!

What are the game production plans? Will 1spin4win introduce new types of games or design concepts, or will it stick to its signature classic style?

Good planning is the key to success, and 1spin4win aims to surprise everyone with new games. We continue to refine the game balance within our products. We create games for players who value not only winning but also the emotional experience during gameplay. Carefully placed accents in graphics and music collectively create a lasting impression, which we highly value. Our classic approach to slot production is our superpower, and we don’t plan to abandon it.

This year, we’re advancing the hold & win mechanic in our games. It’s exciting, and players love it for the extra winning opportunities. Check out our upcoming games: Sun Treasure, Lucky Robbery, Golden Joker 100 Hold and Win, Lucky Crown Hold and Win, and others.

Lastly, I want to thank you for your interest in 1spin4win. Follow our latest news on social media and our new website. Wishing good luck to all, and we look forward to seeing you at the exhibitions!

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