Oklahoma Lottery changes after new legislation

Credits: Laird Hammons Laird
Credits: Laird Hammons Laird

The bill that aimed at increasing prizes to generate more revenue and school funds in the state was passed and is set to be implemented.

US.- The Oklahoma Lottery is getting ready to change its marketing strategy and upgrade the products after the bill that wanted to increase prizes in order to boost the revenues and help with the school funds by generating more money was passed earlier this year.

As Lottery Post confirmed, the new changes were discussed during a meeting of the Lottery Commission on Tuesday. Whilst the lottery has contributed with US$783 million to education, Jay Finks, director of marketing and administration of the Oklahoma Lottery, estimated before passing the bill that in the next five years they would’ve only destinated US$225 million if they didn’t change the requirements. Now, an extra US$110 million will be added to that number.

Officials mentioned that their goal is to increase sales by 30 percent in the nest twelve months, as well as a significant increase of sales on instant tickets by approximately US$40 million. Finks said that whilst they have set a US$58 million goal for the fiscal year 2018, they expect to increase that number to US$65 million for the other year.

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