Ohio approves casino employee legislation

Casino employees in Ohio are one step closer to legally gamble at other facilities.

US.- The Ohio Senate passed a legislation where it establishes that casino employees from Ohio can legally enjoy card tables, gaming and slots in other facilities besides the one where they work. The decision was made on Monday.

Senator Bill Seitz introduced the legislation that allows Ohio casino employees to legally gamble in the state. The previous legislation considered the activity of employees gambling as a first-degree demeanor. The bill SB 265 was passed on a 27-0 vote and now is heading to the Ohio House where it’s gonna experience further consideration. It is expected to be passed in the next few days.

“This is a very simple bill. It allows people who work for a casino to play at a casino that is not under common ownership with the casino for which they work. We are changing the law to make the casino law read like the racino law,” Seitz said.