Norway targets iGaming advertising again

Online gambling advertising campaigns could be limited even more in the near future in Norway as they were targeted by the Ministry of Culture.

Norway.- The already restricted advertising campaigns of online gambling companies in Norway could be further limited as the culture minister Linda Hofstad Helleland announced plans to restrict international operators from introducing ads from foreign television channels. According to Ms Helleland, limitations are set to be introduced next spring and approved by summer as the government has already discussed the measure with European Union officials.

ACTIS acting secretary-general Pernille Huseby, explained that international gambling operators run 62 commercials per hour on average via Norwegian-language channels which are based in other European countries.

The Norwegian government is attempting to protect the cash flow that goes through Norsk Tipping to different “socially beneficial and humanitarian organisations”, which this years improved 42 per cent.

About US$103.5 million were spent by international gambling operators, as informed by the Norwegian Media Authority, between July 2016 and the same month this year on advertising. That represents a 17 per cent rise over the prior period and makes the local gambling businesses expenses (US$21.2 million) look like pocket change.

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