North Korea was accused of allowing illegal gaming 

Russia has accused North Korea of allowing illegal casino operations in its Embassy.

Russia.- The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was accused by the Russian government of allowing illegal casino operations in the Embassy. However, North Korean diplomatic authorities denied the claims and allegedly refused to allow a raid that was previously approved by Russia.

The DPRK’s embassy denied the allegations and stated: “We only heard about it from journalists. We do not have any casinos.” Russian police officers claimed the casino is operated in the building that is outside the police’s jurisdiction in the Embassy. Embassy officials allegedly told officers: “This is the sovereign territory of the DPRK.”

The local press revealed that the claims were allegedly made this week by the Investigative Department of the Russian Federation to Kim Jong-un’s diplomatic staff at the Russian Embassy. The press revealed the operations are being carried out at a “luxurious room with a croupier and “long-legged waitresses serving alcohol for guests” allegedly attended by VIPS, politicians, lawyers and North Korean diplomats.

“Embassies should fulfil their immediate functions, and not engage in commercial and any other activities,” said lawyer Dmitry Labin. “We are waiting for a sharp condemnation from the Foreign Ministry, since in reality law enforcement bodies cannot do anything in this situation.”

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