North Carolina tribe could offer sports betting

The bill that would authorise the tribe to offer sports and horse betting only needs the governor’s signature.

US.- The General Assembly of North Carolina gave final approval to a measure that would give the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians the possibility to offer sports and horse betting to patrons at its two casinos.

Under this bill, the North American federally recognised tribe would be eligible to offer these types of betting. The House voted 90-27 in favour that had already cleared the Senate three months ago.

Now, the bill is headed to Governor Roy Cooper’s desk. His spokesman, Ford Porter, said that he will review the bill before making the decision on whether to sign it into law or not.

On Monday night, Eastern Band Principal Chief Richard Sneed said in an interview that sports betting would provide more amenities at the tribe’s Harrah’s casinos in Murphy and Cherokee, North Carolina, and said that they’re big money-makers.

“People are excited about it, (especially) for a lot of folks that haven’t done sports betting besides office pools,” Sneed said. “We’re just excited to be able to offer it” if it becomes law, he added.

North Carolina to create gambling commission

The House of Representatives of North Carolina has voted in favour of creating a gaming commission. The state body would assume responsibility for regulating the industry and was included in bill HB929.

Lawmakers proposed a nine-member North Carolina Gaming Commission to take over state lottery commission’s duties and powers. It will also take over those that oversee non-profit bingo and raffles.

According to the Associated Press, HB929 didn’t include other gaming-related proposals besides the North Carolina gaming commission. For instance, fantasy sports regulations were not included. Nonetheless, they are already pushing for a study on sports betting legalisation to be conducted by the new gaming commission.

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