No casino will be allowed in Sri Lanka

The statement was made at the business forum held at Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore by the Prime Minister.

Singapore.- Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, declared that no investor will be allowed to operate casinos in the country. The comment was a reply to a question raised at the business forum held at Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore, where a large number of entrepreneurs participated.

The Premier outlined he does not consider a good policy to allow casino operations with the aim of obtaining the support of casinos for the development the country.

On the other hand, S.Eswaran, Singaporean Minister of Trade and Industries, highlighted that a trustworthy environment for investments is now available in Sri Lanka. The Minister continued saying he would encourage Singapore entrepreneurs to reap maximum benefits from those opportunities.

During the forum investments available in the fields of tourism, energy, housing, industries and urban planning were discussed. Furthermore, a MOU was signed with Subana Juron Company of Singapore with regard to megapolis development in Sri Lanka.