New Zealand casino seeks licence renewal

The Christchurch Casino is the first facility in the country to seek a licence renewal.

New Zealand.- Christchurch Casino has revealed new plans for the facility ahead of the decision of the local gambling commission to renew its venue licence. The casino announced that it has agreed to create a new charitable fund and a community liaison group if the outcome is positive.

The New Zealand Gambling Commission held a hearing on Tuesday to add new conditions to the casino’s venue licence if it gets renewed. As local media Stuff reported, the conditions would include a minimum annual contribution to the casino’s independent charitable trust, the creation of a new discretionary charitable fund and a new community liaison group.

Christchurch Casino registered US$16.1 million in operating profit last year, and while the original licence doesn’t specify that it has to contribute a specific amount to an independent charitable trust, the city council asked for at least 2.5% of the casino’s net profit, or US$500k a year.

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