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New York lottery breaks record

New York lottery breaks record
The New York lottery record helped with US$3.47 billion for state schools.

New York lottery sales and revenue surpassed US$10 billion and set a nationwide record.

US.- Sales and revenue for the New York lottery set a new record after they reached a combined US$10 billion. The figure surpassed previous records after a major success in the fiscal year 2018-19.

New York lottery reported that locals spent US$8.2 billion on lottery tickets in the year ended on March 31. Furthermore, the New York State Gaming Commission informed a US$2 billion in net revenue at video lottery terminals.

The more than US$10 billion were divided and turned US$3.47 billion for state’s public schools.

New York is set to expand gambling

Robert Williams, head of the New York State Gaming Commission, told a Senate racing and wagering committee on Monday that officials are studying new amendments to a sports betting bill. This is part of an attempt to approve online sports betting in the state.

The amendments are to a sports betting bill that limits what kind of gambling facilities can engage in a mobile sports betting program to set if they address any of the concerns that the government has, The Buffalo News reported.

“It’s an ongoing process,’’ Williams said. “As long as the door remains open, I’m optimistic… We have not been denied a meeting. We have not been shut out yet,’’ said Sen. Joseph Addabbo. He is also chairman of the Senate panel who sponsored the online sports betting bill.

Addabbo added that if the effort fails before the end of the annual legislative session on June 19, he will continue pushing but with a different approach. He wants to amend the state constitution to allow online bets, but this process could take up to three years to complete if successful.

“We can stand by and do nothing and if that’s what this administration wants to do, that’s it. And we’ll do a constitutional amendment and waste three years watching everyone else pass us by,’’ Addabbo said.

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