New South Wales loses billions on pokies

The state Greens party said that they have proof that New South Wales lost billions in 2016.

Australia.- According to New South Wales Greens (NSW Greens), local communities lost approximately US$5.4 billion to club poker machines during 2016. The party confirmed that Fairfield was the most affected area in Sydney.

NSW Greens analysed data released by the Liquor and Gaming NSW for the year ended August 2016, and came up with the conclusion that the most disadvantaged areas from New South Wales showed the biggest losses. Just in Fairfield, the most affected area, more than 10 percent of annual average income was destined to pokies. According to SBC, eastern communities such as Waverley and Woollhara lost o.65 percent of its income.

Justin Field, Greens MP, said: “Even purchased data aggregates poker machine losses so people can’t identify which venues are having the greatest impact on local communities or businesses. If the minister can’t or won’t do the right thing, the Greens will purchase this data, analyse it and make it available so the community can have a more informed discussion of the harm caused by poker machines across our state.”