New Jersey closer to authorise two new casinos

A bill authorising the creation of two new casinos outside Atlantic City was approved at the Jersey Legislature.

US.- After New Jersey Assembly’s judiciary committee approved the resolution that would authorise the creation of two new casinos in North Jersey, the referendum to be held by the state’s residents in November looks more and more likely.

This referendum would determine whether or not New Jersey’s Constitution would be amended to authorise casino gambling outside Atlantic City. Before it is placed on the November ballot, the amendment ought to move forward the Senate and the Assembly with a majority of three-fifths.

The resolution is not without opponents. Assemblyman Chris Brown believes the tax rate the new casinos will pay on their gambling revenue should be stated before the referendum. “If we’re supposed to have an intelligent debate and an intelligent conversation about amending the constitution, why wouldn’t we be honest with people and tell then what the tax rate is going to be so they know exactly what they’re voting on?” he claimed.

On its part, one of the sponsors of the resolution, speaker Vincent Prieto, promised the tax rate will be included in the enabling legislation before residents cast their votes in November’s referendum.