New casino proposed in Sacramento

The owner of the casino wants to turn the building into a entertainment and gambling venue.

US.- Steve Ayers, owner of the historic Sacramento Elks Tower, said that he’s interested in turning the building into a gambling venue. The official received a conditional-use permit for the facility in March.

As reported by KCRA, the city council voted last week to allow the company to move forward with the initiative even if two Sacramento card rooms appealed the measure. Mayor Darrell Steinberg said: “The only ones who opposed it were competitors and I get that, but competition is a healthy thing, and to add a use like this will bring a lot of people downtown.” The city rules establish that Sacramento can only have four cardamoms, and after one was shut down, the other facilities expressed their concerns over who would be the new license holder.

Dale Campbell, attorney from the Capitol Casino, said that Ayers wants to purchase the Casino Royale license and “that’s absolutely prohibited,” but the Department of Justice has yet to come up with a decision to grant the fourth license.

According to the project architect, Peter Dannenfelser, the first phase of the proposed casino would feature five card tables, and the second one would turn the basement and pool area into a 17 table cardroom. If they get the permission, the venue could be open by the end of November, and the second phase by the end of next year.