Nevada studies DFS online gaming policy

Gaming regulators found DraftKings and FanDuel -biggest daily fantasy sports servers- too similar to casino industry, so they were banned in the State.

US.- Online gambling status in Nevada was reactivated by Brian Sandoval, State Governor, last Friday when he asked a reunion with Gaming Policy Committee. The 12 member organisation has not had an assembly since 2012 after supporting the legalisation of virtual gaming industry to bind off the Black Friday Scandal. The tribal representative and all of its politicians, regulators, stakeholders from gaming community and the public participants will be debating on how to improve the industry under the considerations of Nevada Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission.

“The industry is constantly changing, as more states and countries enter into this increasingly competitive field, and I believe the changes we are witnessing demand the attention of Nevada’s policy leaders.” Sandoval expressed. Lately, daily fantasy sports and online skill-based games were seen as unfair competitors of Casinos attractions that made the state one of the biggest in tourism thanks to Las Vegas. Online poker services will be treated in the gathering as well.

As the Gaming Policy Committee has no real political nor legal power, the debates and information exchange will be considered just as recommendations for the legislature. They aim at finding an agreement between casinos’ operators and websites that claim their games are based in skill, not chance. But daily fantasy sports have been contested all over the country and not only Nevada, but New York, Illinois and recently Vermont are also regularising the online industry.