Nevada could expand eSports betting

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Credits: Sphera Sports.

Regulators from the Silver State will soon allow sportsbook to offer bets on eSports events.

US.- Nevada’s Gaming Control Board’s Chief of Enforcement Karl Bennison said late last week at a gambling and eSports conference at the Westgate Las Vegas that the regulatory body will soon allow sports book to offer bets on eSports events.

The current regulations allow books to get permission to offer bets on one event at a time, and the new measure would allow companies to ask permission to offer bets on more than just one event, likely a year’s worth if the events are hosted by the same company. It is expected that after new regulations the eSports market in Nevada and specially in Las Vegas would grow exponentially.

“To streamline the process we are looking at approving a whole series of events if they are offered by a particular company. As long as we are comfortable with that company, the licensee won’t have to apply for each event separately — they can apply for them all at same time,” said Bennison, who used to be a member of a legal panel discussion at the Casino Esport Conference.

The official also said that eSports betting could be allowed in the same way that betting is offered on NASCAR races or events of NFL and NBA games. Nevada’s board would also have to be comfortable with the organisations behind the competitions. Bennison believes that the eSports industry is currently too fractured.