Nebraska votes in favour of gambling expansion

65 per cent of Nebraskans voted in favour of the gambling expansion.
65 per cent of Nebraskans voted in favour of the gambling expansion.

The expansion of gambling across Nebraska racetracks will generate state income and fund a cash fund for property tax relief.

US.- Nebraskans have voted in favour of three initiatives that will amend the constitution to allow racetracks to offer casino-style gambling.

Nearly 65 per cent of Nebraska citizens agreed to the gambling expansion on the November 3 ballot. The change will permit table games and slot machines at racetracks, generating more revenue for the state.

The three ballot questions asked voters if they agreed on amending the constitution to facilitate casino-style gambling, the creation of a system of regulation led by the Nebraska Gaming Commission and the imposition of a 20 per cent annual tax on gross gambling revenue.

The tax raised will be divided with 70 per cent going to a cash fund for property tax relief, 25 per cent to the counties with authorised gambling, 2.5 per cent to a compulsive gamblers assistance fund and the final 2.5 per cent to Nebraska’s general fund.

During campaigning, Janet Palmtag, a local businesswoman competing for a place as a representative for Nebraska Legislative District 1, had endorsed casino gambling as the “only viable option for achieving real property tax relief.”

There are currently six racetracks in Nebraska that will now be eligible to request the state’s permission to add casino gambling. Two other Western Nebraskan communities have also expressed interest.