Minnesota would join sports betting fight

Minnesota sports betting

Credits: Concordia University.

Minnesota could also demand the federal legalisation of sports betting industry in the following months.

US.- Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo would be preparing a draft to legalise sports betting industry in the state, although the federal government has not approved further amendments for the PASPA, a sports protection Act that was passed in 1992, preventing states from offering gambling lines on sports. According to Legal Sports Report, over dozen sports betting proposals have been introduced in the states in the last few years.

“We want to have it safe, regulated, and fair,” commented Garofalo during a radio interview. “Sports gambling is taking place in Minnesota, especially with the Internet. A lot of this money that’s being wagered is going overseas, where there are no consumer protections. It’s not being regulated.”

Meanwhile, the Minnesota State Department of Public Safety revealed its plans to reinforce the battle against unlicensed gaming industry, including sports betting operations. However, sports betting legislation would not be able to come into force until the US Supreme Court finally determines if PASPA amendments would be approved to allow to each state to regulate its own sports betting industry.

Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana are currently the only for states enable to operate sports betting industry. During PASPA’s drafting, the four administrations were granted special legislative exemptions, as all four of those states were offering some variation of sports betting- lotteries back in 1992.