Miloš Ranđić: “Mozzart’s vision is to hold a strong leadership position”

Miloš Ranđić: “Mozzart’s vision is to hold a strong leadership position”

Miloš Ranđić, MozzartBet’s Online Casino Portfolio director granted an interview to Endorphina’s team where he spoke about the story and prospects of the company.

Interview.- Miloš Ranđić, MozzartBet’s Online Casino Portfolio director spoke with Endorphina about the company’s brief story and its plans for the future.

Could you please tell us a brief story and history about Mozzartbet?

The Mozart company is a leader in the gambling and sports betting industry within South-Eastern Europe. 

It was founded in 2001, and currently, with about 1,000 points of sale, the company is present in Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, North Macedonia, Croatia, Malta, Romania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Colombia. 

More than 5,000 professionals work daily in Mozzart on continuous service improvements, aiming to successfully match customers’ needs and offer the best experience in this entertainment industry.

Mozzart’s vision is to hold a strong leadership position. We’re aware we must be different and go above others in quality. And as we try – and succeed – we always stay one step ahead of the competition with our solutions, as evidenced by the successful expansion of the business.

We are also committed to modernizing society as a whole and participating in developing a successful market economy while respecting the environment in which we live.

Online casinos serve a variety of countries with different languages and currencies. What are the language preferences of the players in your casino?

In Serbia, it is Serbian with 99 per cent.

What are your plans for the future? Are you focused on one specific market for 2023? If yes, why this market?

We focus on every market where we do business, with Mozzart teams in each market. For now, we still didn’t define potential new markets, although we follow trends and analyze potential ones.

Could you please tell us what kind of themes the players prefer in games?

In Serbia, players prefer classic themes with fruits or books.

Mobile vs desktop, what device do your players prefer using for gambling?

Our players prefer mobile.

What are your top 5 most popular Endorphina slots?

Cyber Wolf



Wild Love

Joker Stoker

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