Miami questions Florida measures

Miami officials showed concerns over the possibility of casino expansion in the county.

US.- As Florida legislators are still debating the upcoming implementation of new casino laws, Miami-Dade county representatives expressed their concerns over a gaming expansion with new casinos in the region. During yesterday’s debate, the State’s Senate proposed the construction of two casinos in South Florida, although the House of Representatives have allegedly agreed on just one gaming venue in Miami.

Last Thursday’s meeting led to the Senate’s project, which generated concerns among Miami officials. The original plan was to hold a bidding process for casino constructions in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The House agreed on just one casino, although is far away from the approved bill, which would renew the traditional agreement with the Seminole Native Tribe.

The Seminole tribe currently possesses exclusive rights of gaming operations in the State. Both the House and the Senate bills would allow them to add craps and roulettes in their casinos, although the House plan would also have maintained the Seminole’s monopoly in the industry under a US$3 billion agreement.

Meanwhile, Miami-Dade County’s Mayor Carlos Gimenez has asked the state’s government to continue the discussion once residents decide whether they would want to have a casino or not. “There’s a good chance they don’t come to an agreement,” Gimenez told the Herald/Times. “But if anything were to pass, I’ve indicated to both Rep. Diaz and Sen. Galvano that I believe there has to be a referendum by the people of Miami-Dade.”

Legislators have been debating gaming expansion for the last three days, after the State’s Supreme Court ruled in favour of a proposed constitutional amendment that calls for a popular ballot in 2018 to determine the future of gaming industry. The Supreme Court gave Florida officials two weeks to present a comprehensive resolution.

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