MGM Bridgeport gets discussed


Despite being well received among the authorities, Senator Ed Gomes is calling to further annalyse the MGM Bridgeport project.

US.- The potential of the MGM Bridgeport to create 7k jobs and many other perks has the authorities pushing for its instalation and local business owners expectantly waiting for potential tourism. However, Senator Ed Gomes hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet and is calling for further assessment of the project as he believes “there’s a lot of things to consider” yet.

During a hearing, MGM vice president Uri Clinton spoke about the impact a casino would have on the city. He also called for casino supporters to voice their approval since the only way of getting the venue up and running is if representatives vote for it. However, Senator Gomes wasn’t as enthusiastic as the rest of the audience and called for further study of what a casino might actually mean for Bridgeport.

Gomes was one of the lawmakers that supported the MMCT proposal for East Windsor in opposition to MGM’s casino in Massachusetts. He believes that the US$675 million casino for Bridgeport is a response to the tribe’s recently approved project and said: “The reason they don’t want to see a casino in East Windsor is because that would cut off business in Springfield. It’s all a game. To us, it’s all a game.”

However, he underlined he’s not against MGM’s vision for Bridgeport and clarified: “If it works, it’s gonna be elegant for Bridgeport. I’m not gonna say he’s (Clinton) wrong.”

He also highlighted there are already 9k jobs invested with the tribes and said that, if its possible, he wants to add MGM Bridgeport’s 7k as well. However, he stated he doesn’t have an opinion yet on whether he’ll vote for the venue or not.

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