MGA cancels gaming licence

According to MGA, the operator has breached local regulations.
According to MGA, the operator has breached local regulations.

The gambling regulator from Malta (MGA) has announced that it cancelled the licence of PokerGrant due to a breach in current regulations.

Malta.- The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has revealed that it has cancelled the licence of RMI Limited, operator of online poker site PokerGrant. According to the gambling regulator from Malta, the operator has breached local regulations.

MGA explained through a statement that RMI Limited can no longer carry out gaming operations register new players or accept new customer deposits. However, it must retain and provide access to all registered players to their accounts. It also has to refund all funds standing to the credit of players in line with the applicable law.

The regulator said that RMI Limited breached paragraph E and H of the Third Schedule to the Gaming Act. This is following the non-submission of January 2019 Player Funds Report and the relevant application/s for the appointment of the key functions. They also failed to pay in a timely manner all amounts due to the Authority specifically the compliance contribution fees, the gaming licence fee for 2018 and the relevant true-up related payments.

Malta regulator creates Sports Integrity Unit

MGA recently announced the establishment of a new Sports Integrity Unit. The unit aims to increase focus and resources towards fighting the manipulation of sports competitions. The MGA said that the unit will work with other sectors of the regulatory body.

When announcing the news, the MGA said that the Sports Integrity Unit’s role will consist of the gathering of intelligence and information relating to suspicious betting and will serve as a liaison with local and foreign regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, betting monitoring systems, sporting bodies and gaming operators in order to investigate irregular and suspicious betting activity.

Moreover, it will be in charge of liaising with other Directorates within the MGA to implement various policy initiatives, such as bringing into force the provisions at law relating to the reporting of suspicious betting activity by gaming operators to the MGA, signing agreements and deepening collaboration with entities having similar objectives and otherwise establishing a culture of cooperation amongst industry stakeholders to tackle the worldwide problem of corruption in sports.

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