Mexico looks into eSports regulation

Mexico looks into eSports regulation
Mexico targets eSports regulation and could be pioneer in Latin America.

Mexico is the main eSports market in Latin America and could be the pioneer in complete regulation.

Mexico.- The eSports industry in Mexico continues to grow and draw attention. As estimated by the Mexican Federation of eSports (FEMES), the value of the industry would be €1.26 billion. For that matter, representatives of the sector called for official regulation to encourage development and proper conditions.

By regulating, Mexico could become the Latin American pioneer in formalising eSports. FEMES president Ismael Silva explained that the legislation should establish “monitoring of the conditions of eSports events, professionalisation and approval of rules.”

“It’s unbelievable that eSports events are still held in which organisers have to commit to pay a prize. And that such payment may take 180 days to be delivered or up to a year. It must be guaranteed that you have the prize money in advance,” Silva argued.

“Players must carry out their development under the international rules so that they can achieve professionalisation. It is a sport and we will treat it as such from our position as coaches, players or organisers.”

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