Massachusetts studies impact of gambling

The state is studying the impacts of gambling before the first full resort casino opens in Massachusetts.

US.- Before the first full resort casino opens in Massachusetts, the state is studying the impacts of gambling. Under the Massachusetts’s 2011 gaming law, the state is required to study the social and economic impacts of gambling.

The study is not limited solely to casino gambling. Researchers from UMass Amherst are also studying the impacts daily fantasy sports, lottery tickets, and horse racing could have on the residents.

The results of the study show that men are three-times more likely to develop a gambling problem in comparison to women, whilst African Americans are four times more likely to have a gambling problem than whites.

With this research, Massachusetts hopes to use the data to prevent problem gambling, especially in casino host and surrounding communities. According to the study, expanded gambling also has positive impacts, as it creates job opportunities, housing and tax revenues.