Massachusetts Gaming Commission seeks changes in ad regulations

The commission is considering new measures on ads.
The commission is considering new measures on ads.

Massachusetts gambling regulator may take a closer look at advertising practices in the industry.

US.- The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is considering changes for gambling advertising rules following an April report from its responsible gaming and research team on the results of a six-year study concerning problem gambling.

Among the policy recommendations that Mark Vander Linden, the commission’s director of research and responsible gaming, presented to commissioners for consideration was to “limit gambling advertising and availability, especially in lower socioeconomic neighbourhoods, or groups that may be at increased risk of experiencing gambling harms.”

Vander Linden admitted that it may be difficult to achieve that goal but said the regulator needed to act as people in groups that have low incomes.

Vander Linden said the commission has “integrated guidance within the responsible gaming framework on casino advertising and, by and large, the casino industry follows guidance that was set out by the American Gaming Association.”

Advertising could become a greater issue if sports betting is legalised in Massachusetts

Vander Linden said there are “definitely some lessons to be learned from other jurisdictions and sports wagering advertising” and highlighted the idea of a “whistle-to-whistle” ban on sports betting advertising, like the policy in the UK that prohibits betting ads during live sporting events.

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