Major Union backs AC’s strike

The most extensive organisation for employees’ representation promoted a petition against Taj Mahal casino.

US.- The strike set to regain the employees’ rights for their job at Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City is determined to achieve its goal. Voices of the demonstrators were heard by the largest American federation of unions, the AFL-CIO , which promoted a petition in support of the casino’s workers.

“By adding my name, I pledge to support Trump Taj Mahal casino workers in Atlantic City in their fight to maintain quality jobs with benefits by refusing to patron the casino until workers have a fair contract. In addition, I pledge to honor any worker-called boycotts, strikes and actions in Atlantic City,” the general petition expressed.

During the bankruptcy proceedings of the Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, in 2014, workers lost mostly of their benefits, including company-sponsored health coverage, pension contributions and paid lunch breaks, according to the workers’ union, Unite Here Local 54.

Last June 30th, authorities and employees were expected to fulfill a contract deal to clear the situation, but the negotiations failed. Since that night, nearly 1,000 Local 54 members went on strike. In response, Carl Icahn, owner of Icahn Enterprises which operates the Taj Mahal, told The Associated Press he pumped US$86 million into the Taj Mahal to save it from closing when no one else was interested in it.