Madrid seeks gambling discussion with the government

Madrid seeks gambling discussion with the government

The Community of Madrid will debate with the national government about the regulations within the gambling industry.

Spain.- The beginning of 2020 marked a new push for Spain to reiterate its stance against gambling. In autonomous communities like Madrid, there are legislators already preparing new legislation to limit gambling. On the other hand, the national government prioritises banning or reducing advertising in the sector. In this context, Enrique López, the Minister of Justice of Madrid requested a meeting with the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón.

For its part, Garzón is one of the main drivers of the new Spanish regulation against gambling. He has already met with Cejuego and plans to hold more discussions on the proposals they prepared, which reduce advertising schedules and establish more conditions for licensed operators.

Madrid is also one of the communities that has stated opposition against the industry the most. It has suspended concessions for betting rooms and has prepared new legislation to limit the growth of gambling in the region. Enrique López also wants to broaden the debate with the national government.

“We believe greatly in the freedom of citizens. There is nothing more contrary to freedom than addictions,” he explained. And he said that his goal is to “protect public health” even if they have to “restrict economic activity.”

Cejuego agrees with gambling limitations in Spain

Garzón recently revealed regulatory plans to limit the gambling industry. The main objective is to reduce the permits and schedules of advertising in the industry. With this announcement, he said he would meet with representatives of the private sector to discuss the measures.

Last Thursday, he met with Cejuego, the entity in charge of the private industry in Spain. According to the organisation, the meeting was positive and Cejuego ended up agreeing with the “vast majority of points” raised by the government. In addition, the entity stressed that they share the need for addressing the “existing social alarm through a calm dialogue with the sector based on rigorous studies.”

Moreover, Cejuegos asked the minister that the communities approve regulations that give legal security and sustainability to the sector while protecting the most vulnerable. “It is necessary a Plan for Prevention and Responsible Gambling in collaboration with the Ministry of Education We also need to endorse regulatory measures in documented reports in the Autonomous Communities,” they said.

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