Madrid announces measures against gambling

Madrid announces measures against gambling

In addition to the recent regulatory changes to limit gambling, Madrid announced that it will increase the distance with schools.

Spain.- In November 2019, the Autonomous Community of Madrid revealed its interest in curbing the growth of gambling. At that time, the territory announced that it would not deliver new operating licences. Meanwhile, local executives prepared a number of measures to limit the industry and this week confirmed that the minimum distances between betting rooms and schools will increase.

Currently, the Madrid regulation establishes a minimum of 100 meters between schools and gambling and betting venues. However, the number will increase soon.

“Our priority is to guarantee public health and help maintain legal activity throughout Europe that generates wealth and jobs. In everything that these priorities coincide, we will bet on both. In everything that the second may harm the first, we will use restrictive criteria in defence of public health,” said the Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims, Enrique López.

He added: “We are a liberal government and we believe in freedom, but we are also aware that there is no greater denial of the freedom of an individual than an addiction.”

More measures against gambling

The Community of Madrid will create a working group to limit the development of the local gaming industry. In addition, it will not grant new licenses without regional approval and will investigate the operations of 400 active classrooms.

According to Mariano Fuentes, delegate of Urban Development, the new measures will take effect next month. The official explained that the proliferation of game rooms is worrying (35 new stores in the last 10 months of 2019), especially because they are located in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

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